With disruptors at the gates, how will you secure your company’s future? - EY just published its Firepower Report on M&A.

Source – 2018 M&A Firepower Report EY 
The 2018 M&A Firepower Report of EY is now published with a special segment for Life sciences and Healthcare. Discover the 2017 lessons learned on M&A to set your company’s transaction strategy in 2018! 
M&A are essential for growth, especially as technology’s health care convergence threatens traditional business models. The report explores six essential questions to consider in formulating your own 2018 M&A strategy:
  • Do we build scale, diversify or expand our geographic reach?
  • Are we ready to buy?
  • Does our business model deliver value, not just a drug or device?
  • Will there be a return of mega-mergers?
  • Are we vulnerable?
  • Will buoyant capital markets empower targets to remain independent?

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