Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! ORYX is on a roll!

How we move impacts everything we do and how we do it. When we start struggling with our mobility, it immediately impacts the quality of our lives and our emotional wellbeing. On top of that, mobility related problems are leading to very significant rises in healthcare associated costs.

Currently ORYX is developing a decision support system for those mobility related problems. With the help of movement sensors and AI the quality of movement can easily be assessed in less than 15 minutes. The outcome will give an indication on what underlaying problems are causing the mobility problems. With the outcome it is easy for health professionals to make decisions on therapy and training to help its client even better.

ORYX is one of the awarded teams for the Innolabs 2nd open call for its efforts to develop the system for elderly people. With the system, ORYX can prevent elderly from falling by detecting the causes of the problems, instead of removing carpets and doorsteps or giving the people another sensor to wear.

To increase brand awareness, chances on funding and to find new partners, ORYX participates in several pitching events. The first win came on the 22nd of January where ORYX was selected as the Utrecht Nominee for the Dutch National Health Innovation Price. The national price consists of 2 parts, first there is a Juryprice to be won and second there is the audience price. There is a total of €15.000, to be won. The price of the audience goes to the company which gets the most votes. Do you want to support us on our mission to decrease the amounts of falls of the elderly and increase the level of rehab? Then please vote for the “ORYX GO!” in the link below. Unfortunately the page is in dutch only, but filling in your email and selecting the checkbox next to our logo (ORYX Movement Solutions) and hitting “Indienen” (which means “Submit”) at the bottom of the page is not that hard. Voting closes at the 14th of March 12:00 CET.

The second price that was won was the Dutch Get in the Ring Event last Wednesday. We participated without any expectations, but Marcel managed to get into the finals and actually beat his opponent with a very strong pitch advocating for better diagnosis and treatment of people with mobility issues. With winning this event we got a ticket for the World Finals during Get in the Ring Berlin in June.

Curious of what we do, how we do it or think you can help us in any way? Please feel free to contact us at, through LinkedIn or facebook!