mHealth Developer Economics programme to investigate the economics behind developing digital health solutions

mHealth became an important element of the mobile app ecosystem in the past years. Mobile apps if applied in the traditional healthcare sector can help increase the efficacy and quality of healthcare for billions of people globally.
The mHealth efficacy Developer Economics is the largest digital health research programme globally managed by Research2Guidance. Since 2010, it tracked the current status of available service offerings and trends in the digital app-based health market on a yearly basis. Over the course of those 7 years, more than 15,000 digital health companies and decision makers have been surveyed and interviewed – yielding a total of almost 7 million data points about their mHealth business.

The research programme investigates the economics behind developing digital health solutions including: the size of the digital health market and its segments, the performance (downloads, MAUs, revenue) of the solutions available, the business models used, the preferred marketing channels to promote mHealth apps and solutions, the segments of solution providers/mHealth publishers, the platform preference and API usage, indications/diseases covered, the role of key stakeholders including payers, pharma, and accelerators as well as future developments in digital health.

The published mHealth app market annual reports summarise all the learning from the research projects. One of the latest reports examines ’How mHealth app publishers are monetizing their apps’. The report gives detailed insights into download numbers, monthly active users, app marketing, revenues, business models and development costs of mHealth apps. The report also shows the best ways to monetize mobile apps and how much money app publishers in healthcare are making.

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