INNOLABS Oslo Hackathon, a Success Story

INNOLABS has recently held the 2nd European INNOLABS Digital Healthcare Hackathon in Oslo. The event brought together 9 teams (over 40 team members) to generate innovative ideas solving 2 healthcare challenges: Remote Rehabilitation and Home Care of Cancer Patients.

Over the two intense days, teams were guided through a service design methodology to help structure their thinking and unleashing their creativity; along the two days, teams also had support from business coaches challenging them and providing guidance on how to better design their solution and make it more ‘business ready’.

Further, and one of the key success factors for the event, was the involvement of ‘challenge owners’, a mix of hospitals, municipalities and healthcare centres whom are facing these challenges in their daily business and are looking for innovative solutions. Challenge owners were involved from the early stages of preparation and in the two days in Oslo, where they engaged with the teams, testing their ideas and providing support in terms of making them better fit for purpose.

At the end of the two days, a Jury voted the best 4 ideas; 3 of these are now in discussion with the challenge owners to bring their idea to fruition and one team even managed the tight timing and applied to the INNOLABS Open Call to try and get support to make this happen.

Here are the 4 winners: