INNOLABS Digital Healthcare Hackathon in Berlin

The 3rd European INNOLABS Digital Healthcare Hackathon (Berlin Hackathon) was the fourth large public workshop within the INNOLABS Project for leveraging cross sectorial capacity between the ICT, Health, BIO, and Medicine sectors to enable new emerging industries in personalized health. It was not only a competition, but also an opportunity to get mentorship and guidance in creating new ideas from Mentors and Challenge Owners who can implement those ideas with them on the ground.

The challenges SMEs where invited to tackle were ‘Rehabilitation of RMDs’, ‘Frailty@home’, ‘Digital solutions in medical practice’, and ‘Improving experiences in perioperative medicine for patients and healthcare professionals’. The three best innovative ideas were awarded with cash prizes worth up to € 36,000 in total.

During the two-day event 6 enthusiastic teams with inspiring ideas and approaches worked on solutions for the various challenges. In the end the first and third winner teams mastered the challenge ‘Frailty@home’. The second winner team worked with the challenge ‘Rehabilitation of RMDs’.

1st Place - The team + rive developed a digital carer-connected journal application.
2nd Place – The team RheumSpin, the second winner team, prototyped a functioning software platform bringing rheumatoid arthritis (RA) score monitoring from clinic to home care.
3rd Place - The team Mentalab designed a solution that uses technology to engage the patients and their family/ caregivers throughout the span of the dementia, from suspicion to diagnosis and beyond.