INNOLABS coordinator moderated a workshop on digital innovation in healthcare

INNOLABS project coordinator, Sergio Ferreira, was invited to moderate a workshop on market-ready eHealth innovations. 
Within the framework of the European Innovation Association Partner Conference on Active and Healthy Aging, Occitanie Europe organised a side event on "Solutions for the digital change in healthcare".
The workshop started with a brief introduction by Maried Vaugeois (Occitanie Europe) who reminded all attendees about the importance and impact that digital innovation can have on Health.  
Sergio Ferreira then presented the objectives pursued by INNOLABS and tried to transfer the knowledge acquired to date, presenting several factors behind that new health solutions are struggling to be accepted by the market.
At the event, three EU-funded H2020 projects were invited to present their developed solutions to public and private investors:
1) FrailSafe, presented by Vasilis Megalooikonomou, from the University of Patras, explained the importance of a better understanding of frailty. 
2) ICT4Life was presented by Alejandro Sánchez-Rico de Heras, from Artica Telemedicina, who introduced their self-management solution for patients facing diverse dementia illnesses. 
3) i-PROGNOSIS presented by Manuel Pacheco, from PLUX Biosignals, showed how early signs of Parkinson can be detected by smartphones. 
Following the presentation of the projects, a speed dating session was organized along with a social drink to give attendees the opportunity to network.