Going full steam towards advancements in personalized healthcare - Innolabs partners met up in Naples (Italy)

Every project needs it partners to meet-up occasionally to facilitate a fuller exchange of opinion, experience and learning that benefits the project. The INNOLABS team is fully aware of this. This time the consortium partners gathered in Naples (Italy) on March 12/13, at the premises of Technological Cluster Campania Bioscience. During the meeting, hosted in an evocative meeting room running back to the nineteenth century, INNOLABS project partners discussed the state of play with the initiatives in place, particularly focusing on the first acceleration period as envisaged in the project lifespan. All the fifty enterprises embarked are on track and engaged with the provision of highly specialized services aiming at improving their capacity to deliver innovative products/services in the field of personalized healthcare. The pool of external service providers along with the INNOLABS consortium partners focus on supporting the SMEs joining the acceleration programme to acquire/empower crucial skills and know-how to fully unleash their potential and prove they’re able to have a positive impact on healthcare with their solutions.
To be frank, the coordination of the work overall is very challenging, but the enthusiasm and the positivity of all the partners are undoubtedly overwhelming. And you know why? Because there are some other cool INNOLABS events soon to be promoted, and other innovators and entrepreneurs will have opportunities to get awarded and supported to nurture their ambitions!