Cardiaccs – a success story growing with INNOLABS

Picture taken by Norway Health Tech

Cardiaccs is a Norwegian SME developing a new technology that allows continuous monitoring of the heart function, during and after cardiac surgery, called CardiSense. CardiSense is a combined bipolar temporary pace lead and sensor that measures myocardial contractility. It uses a unique monitoring technology requiring no additional procedures, no changes in staff behaviour, and requires very limited staff training. This technology will reduce hospital costs, patient morbidity and mortality associated with cardiac surgery.

Cardiaccs was an awarded company in the INNOLABS 1st acceleration programme and is what one can call a success story! Thanks to the Innovation Health Check (IHC) carried out by the INNOLABS teams at Norway Health Tech, Cardiaccs underlined its weaknesses and focused on improving those areas. The major highlights concerned their market knowledge and their management structure.
Using an Innovation Voucher and cash funding from the INNOLABS project, Cardiaccs got involved in extensive market research and customer interviews. The company updated its business plan and improved its value proposition due to the market insight gained via the project activities and has adjusted its clinical strategy to meet the requirements of the cardiac surgeons participating in the interviews.
A press release about the story of Cardiaccs was also published on Norway Health Tech’s home page:

Further, Cardiaccs expanded its team by appointing Shane West as CEO of the company due to the result of the IHC report. Shane brings over 15 years of global MedTech experience to Cardiaccs.
Using the market insight and the momentum gained, Cardiaccs benefited also from INNOLABS innovation services to prepare and submit an application to the EU H2020 FTI (Fast Track to Innovation) Programme together with manufacturing partner Osypka and hospital partners in Norway, Denmark and Germany. The application received a ranking of 13.87 and a grant of €2,9 M, much thanks to the market insight and company development achieved as part of the INNOLABS acceleration programme.

Media coverage by one of the Norway’s biggest newspapers: